For example, you can give your tarnished jewelry experienced master who will Polish the silver for a few minutes. Of course, in this case you will have to pay for a professional job. But such work can be done at home, using certain products and substances, which are cheap and ubiquitous. It may not be the professional cleaning of silver, but the effect is the same. So, no need to go to the polisher and to part with some of their funds.
So, the first tool, which you can use to clean your jewelry is a common tool for washing dishes. Put your jewelry in warm water, and then add a small amount of soft ware. Now you need to carefully clean all items in the resulting solution. When you are finished, wipe your jewelry with a dry cotton cloth.
Baking soda or lemon juice. These funds are the strongest oxidizing agents and can ruin the look of silver jewelry. Therefore to use them should be very carefully, constantly watching the condition of your silver. The procedure for cleaning silver with baking soda or lemon juice is the same as in the case of the means for dishes. If you act carefully, you will get the output clean and shiny jewelry.
Toothpaste. Who would have thought that using regular toothpaste can give the jewelry to its former luster. However, it is possible. And the result will pleasantly surprise you we are sure. Take an ordinary toothpaste. She should not have any additional effects such as bleaching or any other. Apply a small amount to dim the product and begin to RUB the paste with a cotton rag. After cleaning, rinse your silver in warm water, then wipe it dry with a towel or a soft dry cloth.
Coca-Cola. Pour the drink and leave their pieces of jewelry to 12 hours. Silver cleared due to the peculiar properties of Coca-Cola. Pulling products from the glass, Polish them with a soft and dry cotton cloth and then dry.