Add water, detergent, suitable for washing powder, means for dishes or the floor. Stir and put the gold in a container of soapy water. Put on the stove and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and wipe the product with a soft and dry cloth. Usually after this procedure, the gold becomes shiny and clean. But don't use cleaning products with chlorine and other aggressive components.
If you are afraid to use detergents, boil gold in a solution of soda. Be careful, the baking soda when heated begins to foam and can escape from the tank. Take about 1 tbsp. per 100 g of water. After boiling wipe the product with a flannel cloth.
Clean white gold toothpaste. Use toothpaste with gel-based and preferably for sensitive teeth. It is not abrasive and damage the product does not work, so you can be completely calm for your adornment.
Take a vial of ammonia, and add 50 ml of hydrogen peroxide. Put the gold into the solution and leave overnight. To the smell of ammonia didn't bother you, cover the container lid or wrap with a plastic bag. In the morning, remove and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth.
To cleanse white gold, you can use a special solution. Buy it is not difficult, it is sold in any jewelry store. Pour it into a small container and immerse the item for a few minutes. Then wipe, and can again enjoy the brilliance of white gold.
Contact the jewelry shop, if these methods cause you to doubt. There you will quickly and efficiently clean the metal from even the most stubborn dirt. To achieve this effect at home will be difficult.