So installing fog lights for vases is as follows:Install the relay under the hood (in order to mitigate the voltage drop and to relieve the contacts of the switch). For the relay there is already a hole near the starter relay.
How to connect fog lights for vases
Through the hanging fuse with the positive terminal of the battery post plus the relay.
Insert the bulb in place, hang the lamp to the mount (the rear part), pull the wires from the relay, connect the bulb connectors, all assemble and ready! Don't forget to check the thoroughness of the isolation of compounds: the majority of fires happen due to faults in the wiring.
After installing the headlights, you must adjust them. This is done very simply: Faro tilt so that the maximum brightness of the spot light was on the earth's surface at approximately 20-25 meters from the car. Don't forget that the lights adjust individually, covering each alternately, for example, a piece of cardboard.
Wiring diagrams fog light set, we gave a scheme which works on the principle of beam: +12 volts switch on the fog light is served only when the dimensions. The power button is better to install fog light switch outdoor lighting or under the dashboard.
How to connect fog lights for vases