You will need
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Side
  • Wrench set
  • Drill and drill set
  • Continuity test or tester
  • Wire
  • Duct tape
The first step self-installation will Ustinovka led, which is supplied with the alarm. The led installed on the dashboard in a prominent place near the glass.Look for the alarm unit is a convenient hiding place under the torpedo: right, left or in the middle depends on the car model.
Prosonly or tester find the wire going to the turn signals, ignition, +12V, the door switch (buttons, opening and closing doors), Central lock. If the Central locking is not provided, then you need to remove the door trim and install the drive and connect it to the alarm unit according to the instructions. Actuator can be install on all four doors.Wire the limit switches and turn signals are in the harness in the doorway leading to the trunk. If the machine has no limit switches hood and trunk, set them additionally, - PowerLite near the castle on the inside. Themselves additional limit switches, typically, are supplied with the alarm.
The siren is mounted under the hood in a dry place in the far corner. She privertyvaetsja, the black wire will short to ground and the red goes to the alarm unit. The connections of wires are wrapped in black electrical tape. If you want the connection was not visible, the wires can be sealed. Make the engine to give your vehicle extra protection against theft. Basic valid lock - lock ignition, starter, fuel pump. The lock can be done in the hood or under the dashboard. Mass (negative) wire is connected to the body of the car, and the positive (red or pink) in the harness under the torpedo.
Complete alarm systems have a Valet button, which is programmed and turned off the alarm. It is typically installed in a hidden but accessible to you personally place. It is used if the alarm is broken, you want to make changes to alarm settings or even disable it, leaving only the Central castle. All settings are done with the Valet button on the user chosen model alarm.