The age-old domestic problem of how to place all clothing in closet, has its solution. Will have to show ingenuity and inventiveness to sort out necessary and, without pity, to throw everything that is not worn in years.

Experience shows that rest is more than enough to always be dressed stylishly and to the point. But not to drown in the pile of dumped clothing wardrobe.

Purchase organizers for clothes

If funds allow, it is convenient to use ready-made organizers for underwear and clothes in abundance, we offer shopping centers. Very practical flat boxes-containers with lids, which are placed one on the other. In this case, all the free space under the clothes rod can be used to store shoes and seasonal items. Tightly sealed cover is also a protection from moths.

Clothes hangers with dresses and blouses of easy to hang, with special rings, cascade. And for pants and skirts can be adjusted to swing open the wardrobe, if any, or the side surface of the Cabinet, strengthening them with special brackets.

Compartments for bedding, and underwear are most easily ordering. With mesh organizers, put one on the other, are subjects of intimate purpose. Thus, the useful volume of each shelf is used significantly more efficiently.

Homemade organizers improvised

If material resources are insufficient or do not want to spend money on something that can be done with his own hands, sposobem the manufacture of home-made Tarot cards on the Internet weight. Simply borrow one of the ideas and customize it to fit individual conditions.

Make the drawing, measured the depth of the shelves and determining the number of cells of storage, easy. Further, from the carton blanks catch on the frame of the future organizer. The final touch will be pasting the surfaces a decorative film or fabric edging.

Beautiful and convenient storage system for your closet will become an indispensable assistant in the daily use of things.

There are baby blankets made from plastic bottles of various sizes. They are made much faster than cardboard, but, while not less practical and beautiful.

Need to come up with and execute at its own size several containers and organizers, you will be convinced in the ability of these simple household items to keep all things in their places to stay will be impossible.

There is always a drawer, Cabinet or shelf where it is possible and necessary to restore order with the help of the organizer. It is not just very convenient, but also greatly simplifies life. And, most importantly, saves valuable time.

Especially useful if the organizers or containers transparent. It is necessary to open the Cabinet door, as is immediately obvious, and where that is. No need to pull a bunch of boxes and look into each in search of your favorite shoes or long to find any to suit a scarf.

Enough only once to spend time on revision garments and manufacture or purchase the easy organizer. To arrange all of your things and will not want to go back to the days when because of the oppression of the closet was not the second sock or pile of clothes shamelessly crushed favorite blouse. To maintain order will become easy and pleasant.