After receiving an invitation for an interview, you need to be aware of the scope of the company and our products. In advance you have prepared a few questions, show your interest in the company.
Consider their appearance. It needs to match the jobs you wish to obtain. In any case, the official style of clothes you do not interfere. More free style is possible if you go for an interview at a design firm or construction company. Eliminate perfume with a pungent aroma.
Your appearance should correspond to the inner spirit, to emphasize the friendliness and willingness to cooperate.
Think carefully about your answers to the employer's request to tell about yourself. For this house to prepare and practice your mini-presentation.
You have concisely and intelligently talk about yourself, without repeating the information contained in your resume. The interlocutor needs to figure out how your previous experience meets the requirements of available jobs.
Tell us about your success in previous work. Say, only those projects in which you participated. You may need to implement in the new place what you say. It is important that your words do not disperse from Affairs.
Prepare answers to questions about your family, Hobbies, friends. Avoid monosyllabic answers, your companion it is important to check how you are able to Express their thoughts. Speak clearly and distinctly. Do not use in his speech word-parasites, "well", "so to speak", etc. it is Better to make small pause that will allow you to quickly gather my thoughts.
In conversation, do not interrupt your interlocutor. The ability to listen and hear what you say, at least the important part of the presentation yourself in the interview. Depends on how much you will be able to be a team person, where you have to work with.
Before asking questions about the work, analyze the information obtained during the interview.
At the end of the interview thank the interviewee for the time and attention that you have paid.
If you are not offered the available positions is not a reason for despair. You will have the time to perform and successfully pass the next interview.