If you have the right to receive certain property inherited citizens often do not know how to behave. The result of long inaction becomes the inability to get the inheritance, because it passes to the heir automatically. The main method of obtaining the inheritance is to make an application to the notary, who is the administrator of the inherited property. This statement should clearly Express the desire of the heir to take property or a certain part of it, and may also contain a request to issue a certificate confirming the right of inheritance. In this case you can apply personally, by mail or through a representative, but the latter two methods will require additional treatment to a notary for attestation of the signature or of attorney.

Alternative ways of obtaining the inheritance

Often the heirs for certain reasons does not serve a statement of acceptance of inheritance or simply don't know about the necessity of its submission. In this case, to obtain an inheritance through certain actions that indicate the actual acceptance of the property by the heir. The legality of such possession is recognized even in the absence of documentary evidence of entry into the inheritance. Among these actions the law calls possession, and property management. In addition, an heir can take action to preserve the patrimony. Finally, the heir may incur the costs of ownership, to take responsibility for the obligations of the deceased or to obtain a mortgage.

What is the timeline to receive an inheritance?

The deadline for receipt of the inheritance is also defined in the law, it is six months from the date of opening of the inheritance. It was during this period, the heir must apply to the notary or to perform one of these actions, confirming the actual assumption of the inheritance. If the specified deadline is missed, it is maintained the possibility of its recovery in the courts. The court may restore the term, if the heir did not know about opening of the inheritance, had some valid reason for missing the deadline (if any reason should contact the court no later than six months from the date of their termination). To accept the inheritance after the expiry of the period is possible without going to court, but in this case, all other heirs must agree to receive missed period his successor of the property.