You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • - an old charge from the network to your phone;
  • - old plug for cigarette lighter
  • - box cutter
In every home very often lying spoiled charger for mobile phone from the network. You will need one spoiled the charging device, but rather just a plug for a phone. Also need the part that plugged into the cigarette lighter. It can take from the old car charger or to buy in the store. Choose only the folding part that it consisted of two parts. Disposable will not work, as you will need to disassemble to solder the wires.
Now carefully cut the plug from the mains charging. Cable length select it to be comfortable to connect the phone to charge. If you want to make a wire coiled in the form of a spring, you have to increase the length of the wire two to three times. Take the plug that plugs into the cigarette lighter and disassemble it. It usually consists of two parts, which are attached to each other or to the plastic clips or small screws. Inside you should see a resistor that converts the voltage of 12 V, which is powered by your phone. Remember that the resistor should match the current consumption of your mobile phone, otherwise you risk to burn the phone. Also, the plug should be a fuse. If the plug is old, check. to the fuse was working.
Now we need to unsolder the old plug and wire. In any case, do not tear it off as you may break the terminals. Strip the wire from the plug for the phone. For this you need to remove the top thick layer of the rubber coating, then you will see two wires of different colors. They should also be clean. Don't clean too much wire, then bare wire is not sticking out of cigarette lighter plug. Now carefully solder the cleaned wire to the terminals, observing polarity. Find plus and minus can be experienced by using a special screwdriver tester by inserting the cigarette lighter plug. Now assemble the plug back in. Thoroughly test its strength, he broke the cigarette lighter. To make the wire twisted, tightly wind it on a pencil or pen and leave in this position for some time, preferably overnight. Then remove it and you will receive a wire spring. You can also decorate the plug on your taste.