You will need
  • Operating system Windows mobile phone Nokia connecting cable (Bluetooth adapter), the software Nokia PC Suites.
In order to connect to the Internet using Nokia mobile phone, you must install the Nokia PC Suites. This program can be copied.

- with CD-ROM, which comes with certain models of phones;

- flash drive of the phone;

- use cable Internet to download the program.
After installing the program, you must make connection and set-up pairing two devices: computer (laptop) and phone. If you are using cable connection, then before running the program to take costs nothing except the connect the phone to the computer. If you are using a connection with a Bluetooth adapter, check the settings pairing your Bluetooth dongle and phone.
When you first start the program, make sure all connections were connected properly. In the main window choose "Connect to Internet". In the opened window, select the connection type USB or Bluetooth.
A new window will open One Touch Access. This service will automatically connect in the next 10 seconds. As soon as will end with stripe connect, your phone will already be connected to the Internet.
If there is any error and/or you need to modify the connection settings – click "Break connection" - then click "Settings".