The Nokia E72 has sufficient computing power to view online videos, listen to Internet radio stations. To be able to fully use these features, connect your operator service unlimited Internet access. Then, while in your home network, instead charging for each megabyte sent or received data you will be able to make easy a fixed monthly fee. The operator will have the right to artificially reduce the speed of data exchange with a significant intensity of use of the service, but the subscription fee is not affected. Remember that the cost of Internet in Romney service unlimited access will have no effect.
Open the menu item "Tools" - "Settings" - "Connections" - "access Point". Perhaps the firmware of the phone to find the SIM card is automatically created with three points: "(Name of operator) GPRS-Internet", "(Name of operator) GPRS WAP" and "(Name of operator) MMS". Point to WAP delete by clicking on the alphabetical keyboard key with the crossed arrow to the left (similar to Backspace), and then confirming your choice by pressing the Central button of the joystick.
Select the access point "(Name of operator) GPRS-Internet", then make sure you correctly filled in the APN field. A text string in this field must begin with the word internet (lowercase), but in any case - not wap.
If the automatically generated access points do not exist, open the menu item that is specified in step 2, create a new point, and then fill in the fields as follows: MTS APN, username mtspassword mts, "Beeline" - APN, beeline login, password, beeline, MegaFon - internet access point, login gdata the password gdata.
Run the built-in browser of the phone. To do this, on the home screen Symbian, hold zero until you start the program. Press the left key select the menu item "Settings" - "General" and then check the contents of the field "access Point". It should be either the name of the created points or the word "Internet".
Disable and re-enable the phone. Try to get online using the built in browser. Also check can now go online application. When you try to access the global network from a Java application, the virtual machine will give you the opportunity to choose point manually. Select the one that is named "(Name of operator) GPRS-Internet". Symbian applications, set the access point manually through the menu. Locate the appropriate item depends on the program.