You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Phillips screwdriver.
If the headphones or speakers do not reproduce sound signals after you connect to the front channels to check for the required drivers. Click "device Manager".
To do this, go to the properties of the item "Computer" and select the appropriate link. Make sure that any equipment is not marked with an exclamation mark. Otherwise, update the drivers for your sound card.
Use to find the necessary drivers, the website of the company, which used cost. Better find out the exact model. If you are working with an integrated sound adapter, update the drivers for the motherboard.
Check the settings of the front audio panel in BIOS setup menu. Restart the computer and hold the Delete key (Sec, F2). Launch control menu of the computer motherboard. Examine the contents of existing partitions and select "Manu".
Open it and select the HD Audio instead of AC97. It should be noted that sometimes it makes sense to switch the mode in reverse order. Save the new settings and again restart the computer.
Open the software control sound card and verify that the front panel is not disabled. Realtek utilities, as a rule, a message appears when you connect a new device. Try changing the port assignment by selecting "Front speakers" or "Headphones".
If the manipulation did not lead to a positive result, check the connection of panel to the system Board. For this study the user manual to this device. Remove the cover from the system unit.
Make sure that certain connectors audio ports are connected to the correct pins of the motherboard. Correct the connection, if you notice a mistake.