Bad days

First of all, we need to talk about the days when you can't get a haircut. Very negatively to the condition of the hair is influenced by changes in their length in days of solar and lunar eclipses, after hairdressing treatments these days thick hair can be very bad. Many astrologers do not recommend to get a haircut in the days when the Moon is in Cancer or Pisces, the hair then starts to fall, not grow, lose their splendour and brilliance.

9,15, 23 and 29 days of the lunar cycle is also not well suited for haircuts, since these days are generally considered to be very bad, the people believe them to be satanic, and is not recommended to start anything new during these periods.

It is not necessary to cut hair on Sunday, it's just not the best day for any manipulations with the appearance and thus hair. After the haircut in this day of the week hair often become brittle and lose their luster.

Suitable for shearing time

According to national signs and the advice of the esoteric, it is necessary to get a haircut in the days when the Moon is either in growth phase or in the phase of completeness. Better suited for this 5,8,11,14,19,21 and 26 days of the lunar cycle. Many astrologers recommend to get a haircut in the days when the Moon is in the constellations of Virgo, Leo, Libra, Capricorn or Sagittarius. To find out what the constellation at the moment of Sputnik, on specialized sites or by using lunar calendars, which you can buy in any bookstore.

The most successful day of the week to clean up the head of hair is considered to be Thursday. Trimmed this day a great hair grow, look healthy and strong. Besides, it is believed that haircut on Thursday brings to life success and good fortune. If you want to get rid of the negativity, keep your head cleansed on Monday. The change of appearance Tuesday - a great way to combat depression. Wednesday or Friday should get a haircut, if you have a thirst for travel and change in General.

Of course, it is not always possible to combine the desired day of the moon corresponding to the position of the moon, day of the week and the working hours of the master. If your hairdresser tells you to only take in especially bad for cutting the day, try not to change in this case, his appearance radically, limit yourself to styling, trimming hair ends, hair colouring and other important, but not global procedures. To avoid such mismatches graphics wizard and bad lunar days, make an appointment in advance. Usually it helps to solve such problems.