Take care of sharp scissors for cutting hair and a good set of combs and brushes. You can also make a small investment in the machine for cutting hair. You can use hair clips, hairpins, alligator clips for hair, powerful hair dryer and spray water to moisten the hair during the haircut.
When you are just starting to learn to cut hair, as the object of the use of his son, nephew or husband, as the male haircut – the perfect lesson to start. Moreover, men and boys are not so concerned about how their head looks. And mistakes easy to fix clippers hair.
Start with wet hair or even wash them with shampoo. Gently comb the hairstarting from the tips, gradually moving to the top.
First learn simple haircuts. The most banal is the reduction to one length all over the head.
For more complex haircuts hair should be divided with a comb and hairpins into zones: left and right temporal areas, natalochka upper and lower part of the occipital.
Start with circumcision, a small amount of hair. Then you will have the stock to make their length shorter. If you cut too much from the beginning, you can ruin the entire hairstyle.
Comb the hair from the bottom and hold the strand between your index and middle fingers. Measure the desired length and carefully cut off the excess. Continue with the next strand, keeping the same length until you complete one side.
Curly hair should be cut slightly longer than planned. Because on wet hair the curls will be more straight, and after drying, can greatly get in.