You will need
  • - sharp scissors;
  • a large mirror;
  • comb with a few teeth;
  • - elastics and barrettes for hair;
  • - spray bottle with water.
The easiest way to trim the ends of the bangs. Moisten the hair with water spray and carefully comb them. Cut carefully, trying not to remove the excess, holding the scissors parallel to the floor. Start with the Central part, last of all trim edges. Note that once dry, the bangs will appear shorter.
Not too thick, long straight hair cut the same way. Comb them out, sprinkle with water and divide parted in the middle. Transfer half of the hair on his chest and once again comb. Neatly trim the ends, coordinating their movements in the mirror. For thick and wavy hair, this method will not work. Cut no more than a centimeter, otherwise it will be difficult to align the line.
More lush hair trimmed otherwise. Comb them, moisten with water and collect into a high ponytail at the crown with a rubber band. Transfer it on the face thoroughly and comb again. About the necessary strands can be moistened. Gather the ends of hair, holding them just above the line of the intended cut of his left hand. Cut them in chunks, keeping the scissors straight and parallel to the floor. Release the tail, comb it again and again gather tips of your fingers. Check out whether the individual hairs. Discovered uneven just trim it with scissors. Clear hair elastics – they will fall easy natural cascade.
If you need to cut the ends with curly, try another method. Divide that parted in the middle, comb it out and moisturize. Kill the bulk of the hair, separating it from the narrow strand on the side. Cut the tips of one centimeter, holding the scissors straight. Make sure that the individual hairs do not stick out, and the cut turned out neat. Separate from the General mass of hair, one strand. Hold it between the index and middle fingers of the left hand and cut the ends of new strands, focusing on the length of the previous one. So treat all the hair. Cropped locks immolate, so they don't interfere with work. When finished, remove the pins and comb your hair – they will look natural and the curls will hide possible defects of work.