Advice 1: How to make whites of eyes whiter

Sparkling and lively look – a decoration of any person, but because of improper lifestyle, fatigue and stress proteins eyes can lose their natural whiteness. The whites of the eyes begin to turn yellow for a variety of reasons – some of them are rooted in your own health, so if you notice that your eyesnot so white, what was once, contact your doctor to rule out diseases of the liver and gallbladder. In other cases, you can fix the situation on their own. In this article we will show you how to make whites of eyes whiter and cleaner methods available.
How to make whites of eyes whiter
If the doctor has not revealed you have health problems, pay attention to your diet. If your diet is dominated by too spicy or salty, fried and fatty foods – perhaps, that might be the reason for the wrong color eyestion of proteins. In addition, the color of the eye is affected by alcohol and tobacco.
Exclude from the diet of fatty and fried foods, do not abuse salt and pepper, and also quit Smoking and drinking. Drink multivitamins and eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C. Inexpensive but effective eyedrops nye, soothing the eyesand also helps you to bring the whites of the eyes in order.
Read books only in good light, and also reduce the amount of time spent at the computer. If you spend much time behind the monitor for work, regularly take a break from it and do exercises to relax the eyes.
To return to the squirrels eye natural color you need enough sleep to not be in overly dry air, and watch less television. The skin around the eyes morning and evening, you can RUB ice chamomile – it will be fresher and healthier.
In parallel with addressing the root causes of yellow proteins eye, you can hide this external fault by using the right makeup do not use makeup bright colors, especially red and yellow.
Lower eyelid circle mother-of-pearl white color pencil, and pay attention to uniformity of color of the skin on the face. Apply on face liquid Foundation, blending it evenly. Eyelash touch up mascara-volumizing – this will distract attention from the whites of the eyes.

Advice 2: How to make tobacco

For many centuries people with his own hands prepared the tobacco for various purposes. In our time, this topic has not lost relevance. Making tobacco on their own, you at least will be assured that this product is free of impurities.
How to make tobacco
You will need
  • Tobacco leaves
  • Knife
  • The pan
  • A sheet of paper
  • Oven
  • A linen or cotton towel
Take the leaves of tobacco. Tie them in pairs and hang on a rope in a dark, well-ventilated area. Hold in this state for at least three weeks.
The tobacco must be fermented. In large tobacco farms are usually the leaves of tobaccoand for the first fermentation put in stacks of about a meter height and determine into a dark room. But you hardly need so much tobaccoand, therefore, the more appropriate the other way. Gently fold the leaves in a plastic bag. Tie the package tightly and place in the dark. The leaves from green become yellow-brown.
With a sharp knife finely chop the leaves. Cover a baking sheet with a sheet of paper. Pour a thin layer of tobacco and put in the oven to dry. Drying tobacco is necessary at a temperature not exceeding 100°. Tobacco should darken but not burn. Smoking tobacco ready. Store tobacco is better in a porcelain dish or in a cotton bag.
For hookah tobaccoand you need a second fermentation.Cut tobacco so that the pieces were no more than 5 mm. For this purpose you can use a hand grinder. Prepare a sugar or fruit syrup in a weight ratio of 1:1. Pour into it the tobacco and place over night in the fridge. When the tobacco will absorb the liquid, strain through cheesecloth excess moisture. Add honey to achieve optimal consistency, spread the mixture in a thin layer to a porcelain dish and dry during the day. Add a few drops of glycerin and roll the mixture into a ball. Store the resulting mixture in an airtight container.
During fermentation the leaves should not be too much.

Do not use aluminum cookware.

Tobacco for Shisha you cannot overdry.
Useful advice
When wilting of tobacco leaves are required to avoid direct sunlight. This procedure should not last too long, otherwise the tobacco will dry up.

If you are preparing tobacco in the country, better for drying to use the shed. The apartment is more suited to a shaded loggia.

Podvyalit tobacco and other method, just laying it out on paper.

For cigar tobacco needs re-fermentation, but before that — to sort the leaves.

Do not use tobacco storage plastic bags. It can become moldy.
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