Glitter eyes and mental state of a person

The gleam in the eyes that is associated with the mental state of the person may occur for two reasons – when the feeling of happiness and depression. In both cases, involved the lacrimal gland, which is closely interrelated with any psychological state. If the person is satisfied with life, proud of himself and is not experiencing anxiety, then his eyes emit specific lights. It is called the same way as familiar to all as, which is called "tears of happiness".
In Ancient Egypt it was believed that the Shine in the eyes make a woman attractive. For the sake of Egyptians were buried into the eyes of lemon juice.

The cause of the luster of the eye can be a reverse situation – the constant worrying, depression or anxiety. People on the verge of a nervous breakdown, trying to hold back the tears. The result of such emotions becomes the appearance of reflections on the mucosa.

Glitter eye and diseases

Glitter eyes by reason of joy or sorrow, the appearance of the red flicker of the pupils in the photo are the special cases. Basically this effect occurs in the presence of certain diseases, such as allergic reactions, disorders of the mucous membrane, tumors of the eyelids. In medicine there are five factors leading to the emergence of a gleam in his eyes – the fear of bright light, eye diseases, eyelid inflammation developing inside the body and sudden vision loss.
A few decades ago, women especially sought the appearance of his eyes, eating a few mouthfuls of champagne.

If the reason for the glitter eye is a disease, then the person feels a constant discomfort in the form of burning, itching, tearing or pain of the eyelids. If you experience these symptoms be sure to consult a specialist. Most often, the treatment is to use special drops for the eyes.

Please note that the lustre of the mucous membrane in some cases, it may be regarded as a symptom of diseases related with blood circulation. A similar situation arises in contact with microscopic foreign objects in the eye, which can cause severe irritation in the absence of timely treatment.

Glitter eyes and fatigue

The most common reason that the eyes began to Shine, is fatigue. This effect occurs when excessive contact with the computer, the TV or the work associated with a constant voltage of view. Disease such brilliance can not be named, but the consequences it can have negative. The best way to prevent in this case are masks for the age of tea bags. In pharmacies you can easily find silicone glasses-tumblers, which also has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the eye.