For the preparation of bleaching lotion take 2-3 cucumber. Grate on a fine grater and pour a glass of cold boiled water. Allow to stand for 5-6 hours and strain. Wipe the skin with lotion 2 times a day.
Take the 1.5 tbsp. spoon mixture of leaves and roots of parsley. Pour two cups of water and put to boil on low heat. The broth needs to simmer for about 20 minutes, after which it needs to drain. Wipe the area of skin you want to bleach twice a day.
Take a bunch of parsley and the juice of one lemon. Chop the parsley and pour lemon juice, then add half a liter of vodka. You need to insist about two weeks, then strain and apply on the skin daily.
Wipe the skin with plastic cucumber. Instead of cucumber, use lemon juice. This will not only whiten the skin, but also tightens pores.
If you don't like to prepare decoctions and infusions, use ready-made cosmetic products, which are sold in stores. Buy a cleanser, toner and face cream of any manufacturer, the important thing to them was the inscription "have a bleaching effect."
Well, the most effective way of a cosmetologist. Refer to any beauty salon and you will have a whitening procedure skin by special means, the effect of which persists for a long period of time.