You will need
  • Money, photographer, stylist, gifts for each other
Determine how you want to spend the day alone or with friends. Although to combine these two opposite variant is also quite possible. Book a professional photographer for the first half of the day. Make a route the most important place for you. It can be cafes, where you spend a lot of time and just alleys and parks.
In the morning go to the Barber shop, do hair, beautiful makeup. Arrange professional photography. If you have kids – shooting can be even more interesting. It depends on the photographer, his skills and ideas. Picnic in the Park, relax on the grass, share with your husband your thoughts about your family life, povspominat pleasant moments.
As a gift to his half to choose something that on ordinary days, sorry. For example, if your anniversary is in the summer, you can ride on a boat on the river. Walk around the Central square and ask for a free artist to paint your family portrait. If the weather is not so lucky, videos with family photos and video footage will always be the place.
In the evening meet with friends and go to celebrate this event there where you feel at ease. It could be a nightclub, a restaurant – anywhere. Alternatively, you can order a large limousine and drive through the night city. In any case, that day always remember you, whether it is romantic retreat or a fun and noisy.