One of the most significant celebrations is wedding anniversary. Each of them symbolizes another stage in the development of relations between the spouses and the formation of the family. Therefore, each of the anniversaries has its own name: wooden wedding, cast iron, pearl, silver, gold, etc. However, the most important are considered to be "round" date: 5 years from the date of marriage 10, 15, 20, 25 and so on, until the "red wedding", which marks the 100th anniversary of the marriage.

How to make a wedding anniversary memorable?

To the celebration of this event was turned into a usual feast, choose the most appropriate and interesting scenario of the celebration. Of ways to diversify it a lot, but there are most successful, which will make this day bright and unusual.

If the spouses do not plan to invite guests, you can "redo" a first date that marked the beginning of their relationship. If possible, you need to visit the same place and to recall the event in great detail. Those who at the moment lives in another country, you should acquire all the attributes associated with the first meeting of two loving hearts, flowers, memorable details and situation, similar clothes. If you play the first date in great detail, not only will this allow the spouses to experience some of the happiest moments in their lives, but also strengthen the relationship.

The perfect solution would be to arrange a horse ride to celebrate the triumph of a balloon flight. In the evening you can run to the sky "Chinese lanterns", after writing their dreams and desires. Wedding anniversary will be remembered, if this day to make the trip to the wedding limousine or convertible.

If the celebration is planned to invite guests, you can mark it not at home, in a cafe or restaurant. To the feast was unusual, it is made similar to the second wedding ceremony. In this case, the need to reproduce and attributes of the wedding day: surprises, jokes, toasts and decorate the room or table.

General rules for celebrating wedding anniversaries

Each holiday has its own name, which is based on a specific character of this event. For example, the 5 years of marriage is called the wooden wedding, the 10th anniversary pink 15th anniversary glass. Depending on this, it is customary to give gifts made of a material that symbolizes this anniversary of marriage.

But the product does not have to be fully done, for example, made of wood – a wooden wedding or glass – on glass, it is sufficient that the gift was present this material (or its image, color, texture) in small quantities. For example, a pink wedding can be given not only roses, but any thing that has a pink color.