Advice 1: How to celebrate the year of the wedding

First anniversary wedding is a special event for any young couple. Still fresh memories of the wedding celebration, friends and relatives remember the feast. And by weds want to revive the atmosphere of celebration and to find yourself in a romantic setting, full of happiness and declarations of love. Not coincidentally the year the wedding is the third most popular holiday of the couple after the gold and silver anniversary. And to celebrate this first day of life together so that then another year was something to remember.
How to celebrate the year of the wedding
According to the ancient custom, according to which each anniversary of married life has its own name, the first year of marriage - cotton wedding. In the old days, this date was celebrated widely: to the young came to visit relatives and friends brought gifts, mostly of cotton: a piece of matter on the dress and shirt, bedclothes, kitchenware. You can recreate the atmosphere of ancient ritual with its symbols and have a party in a gingham style. Or to offer to give all the gifts from any fabric, not necessarily cotton. By the way, on the first anniversary of the young wife usually wore the gingham dress in which was on the second day of the wedding and which haven't managed to wear since the wedding day was a little more time.
In many registry offices there was a service: the solemn celebration of the anniversary of the wedding. For a fee, young will once again be able to feel like a bride and groom. Their services will be decorated room, balloons and flowers, waltz Mendelssohn and repeated the pledge of allegiance. In General, everything, except for re-stamping in passport. On a celebration, you can invite those who could not attend the wedding. If you mark the anniversary in a big way, the bride and groom better, dress up in their wedding clothes - or to buy the.
Many Orthodox couples today choose to celebrate the first anniversary of their wedding the wedding in the Church. As a rule, those who, for whatever reason, is not married immediately after the registry office, or wanted to test your feelings, to establish themselves in marriage. However, to consolidate their Union pereb God young will succeed only if goroshina their wedding not necessary at the time of the Post. This is better to learn in the Church in advance. Written for the wedding ahead of time too, especially if you want to get to any particular priest.
If the husband and wife are not followers of the noisy festivities, it would be better to arrange a chamber holiday for two. To go to a restaurant, concert, walk around places where I met and met... Is to look at the light and to the parents on both sides that day, or the house to arrange a tea party, inviting only close relatives and witnesses.
- A year of weddings, it is customary to exchange small gifts to the husband and wife.
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- If the couple was not the honeymoon, it's time to organize it in the first wedding anniversary. Of course, the details of the trip will need to take care in advance.

Advice 2 : How to celebrate second wedding anniversary

Paper is the symbol of the second anniversary of a joint life in marriage. Indeed, after two years the relationship is still fragile and can easily "burn" from a spark a quarrel. Life never seems as Sunny as in the first year after the wedding, the accumulated irritability, there are conflicts. On the other hand, paper is quite flexible, bendable material, from which you can fold anything. And how important is this period of small crisis to take a little holiday to remind each other about your true feelings. Mark second anniversary, surrounded by paper attributes.
How to celebrate second wedding anniversary
Throw a party for family and friends. To celebrate, you can anywhere – at home, in a cafe, but don't forget to decorate the room with paper garlands, and other decorations. The table can be decorated with origami figures, paper napkins and flowers.
Each guest should have access to paper and pen and write a wish for the young, then the leaves with the messages stacked up in a specially prepared box or hung on a "tree of happiness" (decorative or real tree in the garden).
Or hang on the wall a large, beautiful newspaper, which would tell your husband and love story, wedding, birth of first child, and where the invited could write their congratulations. In General, all the subjects and competitions of the festival can be linked with different types of paper – how much is enough imagination.
Closer to the evening together with the guests to arrange the launching of sky lanterns, they will become a worthy culmination of the festival. This beautiful event can become an annual tradition, especially in the sale is a lot of similar products with wedding paraphernalia.
On second wedding anniversary gift books, calendars, fashion now scrapbook albums, various cartoons and posters, and money. Make a gift to your spouse and share them in front of the guests by saying the appropriate wishes.
Pre-write with her husband each other letters by hand, they tell us about their feelings to a spouse, describe the qualities that you like best, as well as shortcomings and what they would like to fix, describe you represent the future. These letters attach to gifts or exchange them in a more intimate setting.
At the end of the evening, serve the cake with paper ornaments and flowers. If you mark the second anniversary just the two of us or with the child, arrange the launch of a kite (weather permitting).
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