The anniversary of your relationship is a little holiday for two. Guide it together the way you want – in bed, in nature, watching your favorite movies or walking around the places of your romantic encounters. Such activities not only leave pleasant memories for the whole year, but will resurrect in your memory already forgotten the moments of your first dates.
Be sure to cook for a loved one a gift. This can be a nice souvenir or a thing about which he had long dreamed of. Good memories for a long time will give a present made with your own hand – knitted scarf or sweater, jewelry box for girls. Attach a beautiful gift or a humorous card, and which version is preferred by your mate, you know like no other.
Arrange your loved one a romantic evening. The anniversary of your relationship is a good reason to be. Training PM you can do together and can make each other a surprise. Apartment decorate your shared photos, flowers, balloons or candles. With the latest version – don't forget about fire safety!
A romantic evening you can spend in the bathroom. Unless, of course, its dimensions allow you to be in it together for a long time. Put plenty of candles and in the water, add the flower petals. Turn on beautiful music, but please bring your own fruit, champagne and light snacks.
To celebrate the anniversary of you and the restaurant. It is better to choose not a new-fashioned restaurant, but a cozy, romantic place with the orchestra, which, undoubtedly, will not refuse to sing your favorite song.
An interesting option of celebrating your total date – travel. Go wherever you wanted – for example in Vienna or Paris. If you can not go anywhere, just clear a Suite in the best hotel of your city. The lack of domestic problems and a change of scenery will help you to fully interact and enjoy the company of each other.
And the main thing – forget about problems and troubles, give each other care and love. This is your day, which can help to revive the dying feelings or to take your relationship to a new level. On this day, it would be appropriate to make an offer hands and hearts or to decide finally on the birth of your child.