For many girls, dimples or depressions on the buttocks are considered an aesthetic problem, however, provokes the emergence of such a disease cellulite to get rid of that can be difficult. Fortunately, today there are many external methods of correction of the hips, including both physical exercises, and methods of medical intervention.

Strengthening the lower body

Exercises well strengthening buttocks, will improve the appearance of areas that are covered with pits. They also effectively help to lose weight or to get rid of cellulite is simply impossible. Exercise can have a more effective influence on the appearance of the buttocks and thighs than diet.

Exercise for outer thighs

One of the best exercises that strengthen the outer thigh is lateral instep of both feet. You need to lie on the floor, on the left or right side, pull the legs straight and placed one over the other. Next you should bend the elbow, and head to rely on hand. Your other hand should be put on the floor near the belt. Making sure that the legs remained stretched out and the socks are drawn, you need to lift the top lying leg as high as possible, and then again to lower it.

The ascent is desirable to do 12 times, then it should be over on the other side, after another 12 reps. This exercise should be performed 3 times a week, each time adding two repeat until, while on each side is reached, the indicator 30 repetitions, then the hip will be full and smooth.

The addition of rubber bands

While performing side leg lifts-30 repetitions take a rubber band, wrap it around your ankles and perform this exercise as it did before. Additional resistance to artificially force the legs to tighten even more, thereby helping faster to strengthen the gluteal muscles.

Strengthening of the buttocks

You need to lie on the floor, hands laid to the sides at shoulder level, bend elbows and palms to rest on the floor. Next, keeping the right leg straight, you have to tear it from the floor surface. To raise the foot should be high and then drop to the floor. The upgrade is recommended to repeat another 11 times. Then we should move on to this exercise with the left foot.

According to fitness coaches, an effective result can be obtained after three run-UPS in one week with the addition of 2 lifting during each exercise until you reach 30 upgrades for each leg. By this time of dimples on buttocks will already be invisible.

Medical point of view

Doctors offer to remove depressions or dimples on the buttocks in the following ways:

1. Minimally invasive face-lift using threads – the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Apply medical special filament, not subjected to resorption. The rehabilitation period is a minimum of 7 and maximum of 21 days.

2. Lipofilling — the introduction of fat taken from the patient after a special processing method. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia and, as practice shows, it is recommended every 6-12 months for three times. The only way to achieve the desired sustainable effect.

3. Introduction of new intradermal implants, with the basis of hyaluronic acid. However, the effect of this method is temporary — from 9 to 24 months.

4. Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure performed under General anesthesia. In this case, are silicone implants.

5. Plastic using local tissue localization, size, technical capabilities, the wishes of the patient, etc.