The first step to success in attracting buyers to the store is choosing a location. The best location for any store is a busy crossroads, shopping centres, major transport nodes such as railway station, airport. This location will automatically increase the flow of visitors, giving the store a significant competitive advantage.
However, the location of the store is not all. Even if the flow of visitors you will be high, this does not mean that all of them will become buyers. Without an objective analysis of competitors, your target audience and gain the loyalty of customers, that is, their positive attitude, no commercial enterprise will not be successful. The last is the most important in the development of marketing strategy.
Loyalty has nothing to do with the mind. It is based on emotions. What affects it? Sales, discounts, promotions attract buyers only for a short period of time. Price does not generate loyalty. If the store a pleasant atmosphere, the friendly vendors and consultants, quality products on the shelves, despite the fact that prices can be higher than competitors, customers will come to a store. And will recommend it to their friends and family.
If you are in the center of the city, guided by business people who are constantly in motion, and therefore, they need to organize, you can quickly purchase the desired product. If you are located near a large market, be ready to receive Housewives and pensioners.
When you determine your target audience, start building loyalty. There are five types of buyers, each of which you need to choose your key.
Potential buyers are buyers who go to the stores of your competitors. To attract this type of buyers, we need a sign that will attract their attention and remind you about what you need to make a purchase. Their attraction advertising works well on radio, television or in the Newspapers. In short, you need to do everything to the potential buyer did not go to your competitors.
New customers are curious who were attracted by your advertising, but the goods in your store they don't need. Your main task – to create a positive emotional connection with a buyer. What is your inner decoration, assortment, convenience of purchasing and the professionalism of the sellers will depend on whether the new buyer is your client in the future.
Buyers without special preferences, which are included in the third group, completely still, where to buy. It will play a role, do you have something from the competition. It can be discount cards and wide range, and competent expert advice. If the buyer will get you more than the competition, surely it will become your regular customer.
Loyal customers should also be ignored. It is best to apply an individual approach, because such a person will recommend your store to others. Discounts, promotions, greetings birthday create positive emotions, which are much stronger than rational thinking.
The last type of customer is a loyal customer. Loyal customers are all happy and advertise you everywhere, becoming a walking free advertisement. Such buyers need to cherish that the pendulum of their emotions has not swung in the other direction.