Very effective way to attract the attention of buyers is advertising in points of sale. It could be wobblers, floor stickers and mobiles, separate the shelves with specific products, racks. Trade organizations use to attract customers a variety of promotions and discount systems, discount cards and special price tags. To introduce new products "live", used promoters working directly with customers, and demonstrating goods and products which you can touch with their hands or to taste.
The appearance on the market of a new product or service should be preceded by well designed advertising campaigns. Part of it will be advertising in media, billboards, outdoor media, in malls, in places of sales of related products. This company may be accompanied by presentations and special promotions.
Creation of a favorable social image of the company also helps to attract the attention of buyers for its goods or services. The press needs to cover sponsorship and charity activities of the company, its participation in environmental and social programs.
With the development of high technologies and Internet, great importance is well-designed and well-designed company website, where buyers can find the manufactured goods, learn the news from the manufacturer and see reviews of products or services. Will attract the attention of buyers and announcements about upcoming and ongoing promotions and special discounts on certain days and public holidays.
But in any case, the buyer almost always makes the final decision about the purchase, communicating with the seller or consultant. You must pay attention to the literacy staff, his ability to communicate kindly, competence, courtesy. Also important is the ability to convince the buyer of the need of the product and profitability of its acquisition.