First, what is your range and how it relates to the place where you are located? It makes no sense to open in the exclusive area of the store, for example, and cheap lingerie. In some cases, changes range is enough to increase the flow of customers. Consider that you are actively buying in the last month, and I didn't buy at all. From the latter should refuse - profit, it still does not work. As for the most running goods, you can try to take them to the counterparts of other companies. Let's say you take the cheap tights you have they are the two manufacturers. Order your the same, but the two firms.
The store could use some advertising. Advertising a lot of ideas, the easiest and most inexpensive advertising on the asphalt. 100 meters from your shopand write on the pavement a short announcement, such as "Inexpensive and stylish lingerie. Shop "Maria". After 100 meters". A good option would be a similar sign with the arrow if the store is located in the yard.
Some shopam helping promote via the Internet. You can make a website shopand you can just place ads. It will not be too expensive. The effect can also give flyers, however, have to monitor the integrity of the promoters or to recruit friends: where is the guarantee that your paper will not appear in the nearest trash can?
It is important to take care about the atmosphere in the shopis going to Look to sellers: if they faithfully work? Are they friendly with customers? Very frustrating when in the storee talking to you rude. Unpleasant and unwanted molestation - not all buyers love it when sellers literally go behind them and break something slip. Best staff - unobtrusive and friendly.
There are many ways to promote the store, but what better suits you - it is sometimes difficult to determine. To decide on the method, look to the competitors: why I go to them, and to you not? what you are missing compared to them? Purchase the same goods, enter the same practices of customer service, offer a new service - for example if you sell jeans, it is a good idea to fit jeans on growth. To many people the jeans are long, they will be extremely convenient to shorten them right in the storee. And all that you need is a girl with a sewing machine, able to sew neatly.