Put on fire a saucepan with the water and sugar in the ratio of one to one. The foam is removed. Conveniently, when the foam is formed on only one side, so a pan with a little shift on the plate for the uneven heating. When will be collected all foam, continue cooking syrup until the desired consistency.
For the first test (adhesive drops) syrup bring to a boil, just dissolve the sugar to obtain a transparent mass. The water content in this syrup is 50%.
The second sample (thin thread) do when the syrup sauce to boil for a while. Cool drop and pinch it between forefinger and thumb. If the fingers apart, the syrup will be pulled by a thin thread. The water content is 25%.
If you continue cooking the syrup, it will become more dense, and you can do a third trial. A drop between the toes will be similar to a thick thread, this suggests that the water content is 15%.
Syrup on low heat then cook, stirring constantly to prevent it from burning. The fourth trial (soft ball) and then do it differently. Take a little syrup with a spoon and cool in cold water. If you can roll a soft ball, you can be sure that the water was only 10%.
The fifth sample is obtained a solid ball, it is said that the density of the syrup , and the water content decreased by 5% .
If the syrup to cook on, the water is almost evaporated, it will be only 2%, after the sixth sample of the cooled syrup will turn into caramel. The main thing is to cook it so that it was brittle and did not stick.