You will need
    • fruit
    • sugar
    • knife
    • pan
    • colander
    • Board
    • gauze
    • jar with lid
Measure 1300 g of sugar and 300 ml water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes after boiling. The quality of the syrup will depend on how strong or on the contrary soft get your candied fruit. If the syrup to make more cool pieces of fruit are at risk quickly to sugar. Then will come the delightful springy serdtsevini, so we all loved the candied fruits. Weak syrup – in which water content more than specified will not allow the fruit to dry properly, which also negatively affect the candied fruit.
Blanch the sliced fruit in boiling water. Peaches and apricots – 3 min., apples, pears, quince – 5 min., orange of three and lemon peel – 7 minutes Then drain and dry. (The indicated amount of water and sugar is enough for 1 kg blanched fruit or crusts).
Dip pieces of fruit into the syrup, bring to a boil and turn off. Repeat the operation three times with an interval of 12 hours. Each time a pre-prozivaete fruit, bring syrup to a boil, put the fruit back and let the syrup boil again. On the fourth time before to return the fruit, boil down the syrup to half and turn off when the fruits become almost transparent. This transparency is the main criterion that you have done everything correctly.
Drain fruit in a colander and leave for 5-6 hours to the remaining syrup was able to fully move on. It can be used for drinks. And the candied fruits should be in one layer put on a large wooden Board, cover with gauze and leave to dry. Someone is using for drying of candied oven - in fact, that's one way. But the best texture is obtained if they are dried on a small draft within 3-4 days. Periodically lift the candied fruit and then turn them. So the process will go more evenly.
Ready candied sprinkle with sugar or icing sugar. If desired, you can add a little natural vanilla. Store the candied fruits better in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, then they will retain the quality.