Specify what information should be entered in the register of working time of employees. Such document specifies the overtime work of staff vacations, business trips, courses of improvement of qualification, reduced working hours in connection with national holidays, absenteeism, strikes, and other situations in which change the normal work schedule.
Prepare a document confirming the change in the work schedule of the employee. For example, it can be a vacation schedule or sick leave.
Enter changes to the time sheet. In the first column write down the name and employee name, the second the number of hours he worked in addition to or missed. In the last fields record the reason for the change of schedule. For each of them there is a alphabetic or numeric code. A list of these codes can be found in "regulations about service records of working time", and also on various web sites for HR professionals.
Each month count the total number of additional waste as well as missed hours and storing them in the designated column of the table. The finished document must be signed by a member of staff, responsible for maintaining the time sheet. At the beginning of each month make a new timesheet.
If you need to make a correction to the already existing table, neatly cross out the incorrect text and next to it write down the information, is true and correct. The hotfix should be certified by record "Corrected to trust" and signed by the responsible employee.