You will need
  • The ability to perform arithmetic operations with degrees
For translation in square millimeters square meters look closely at the word "millimeter" more closely. It consists of two parts. The root "meter" is a unit of length in SI. The prefix "Milli -" means a thousandth of something, and is the literal entry of a decimal multiplier: 0.001 or 10^-3. Conditionally write it like this: 1mm=10^-3M. thus, any length, expressed in millimeters, can be represented as follows: Hm = X•10^-3 M. for Example: 27mm=27•10^-3M.
Square millimeter is a millimeter, multiplied by the millimeter, or 10^-3M squared: mm^2= (10^-3) ^2 m^2=10^(-3•2) m^2=10^-6m^2. Ie, instead of the first letter "m" (miles), write "10^-6".For example: 51mm^2= 51• (10^-3) ^2 m^2=51•10^-6 m^2.
The same method give not only SI millimeters squared, but in Cuba and in any other degree. Example: 394мм^3=394•(10^-3)^3 m^3=394•10^-9 m^3, 68mm^-6=68•(10^-3M)^-6 m^-6=68•10^18 m^-6.
In this way translate into various degrees and other fraction and multiples of a meter.For example: 79cm^3=79•(10^-2m)^3 m^3=79•10^-6 m^3, 422 km^2=422•(10^3M)^2 m^2=422•10^6 m^2.