You will need
  • of the passport of the donor and the recipient;
  • the documents on the property which is the object of the gift
Remember that the main difficulty lies with the drafting of contracts of donation of real property. Therefore, in order not to be trapped, you need to carefully collect all the documents. The certificate of state registration, all receipts for payment of fees, ID cards and the giver and the recipient. If you are deed on a vehicle, you will need documents that contain information about it - registration, the certificate of ownership. In the case when you write up a contract of donation on other items, such as paintings or other art objects, you will need the evaluation of experts and the testimony that you have they are legally.
Is a document of donation in the simple written form. At the same time to go to the notary is optional. Indeed, under the current 1997 regulations on the donation contract to certify your signatures and other nuances make the contract. However, experts warn that it is better to double-check before filing for registration of your contract to the notary. Because of the registration bodies you when it detects inaccuracies in the donation, return the documents for revision in a month. And in order not to delay the process in advance to consult.
Can a deed of gift to make by proxy. This is necessary in cases when you have no time to collect documents and writing the paper. In this case, the attorney is required to specify the subject of the gift and complete information about the donee. If this is not done, the power of attorney to be invalid.
Can the deed be made through an intermediary - a firm that specializiruetsya in it contracts giving. Are their services an average of about 2000 rubles. If it is supposed to full support of the agreement before the registration in the relevant bodies, then the sum will amount to 5000 rubles.