You can apply for a deed in writing. According to article 572 of the Civil code of Russia the participation of notary in the registration donation is not required. But contacting a competent and legally qualified notary public removes a lot of the work by making a donation. It will help to draw up a contract of donation, will tell you how to execute and get the rest of the documents in the best way and protect you from a number of hidden from the ordinary man in the street legal nuances. In addition, you can obtain a notary copies of all documents in case of theft or loss.
The contract of donation enter the details of the parties entering into a transaction – passport data, addresses and place of residence. Be sure to check the description of the property, you are giving the documents to her. Make sure that the property is not mortgaged or claims of third parties.
Be prepared with the documents that you must provide to the notary for registration of the deed on the property. Remember that in different parts of the city the list of documents may vary slightly from the listed below.
So make sure you check them in the registration chamber, where it is planned the registration of the transaction. This will greatly save your time. Indicative list of documents is as follows:
• Extract from the house register;
• Extract from technical passport;
• A document certifying the right of ownership of the donor;
• Extract from the unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it;
• The consent of the spouse of the donor (with the acquisition of property during marriage);
• Resolution of the guardianship (if the estate is home to a minor child).
After certification by a notary public register at companies house donation contract and ownership transfer from the donor to the donee person. Such registration is required. After it, the applicant is issued a certificate of state registration of ownership rights, a deed of gift and other authentic documents.