You will need
  • - an agreement certified by a notary;
  • - the documents confirming the right of ownership;
  • - passports of both parties.
For registration of the deed two parties involved in this process must sign a deed of gift. You can do it in ordinary writing, and can assure the paper at the notary. This is best done by a specialist because it may suggest a way of making your donation over the best method to protect yourself from the appearance of the other candidates for the object of the gift. Also in case of loss of the document you will be able to restore it, after receiving a copy in the notary's office.
After you complete your deed, register the document in the office of the Federal registration service.
In addition to a dedication you will need to submit to the Department a receipt for payment of the state duty on registration of ownership of the object of the gift, the statement of the giver and the receiver of the statement on registration of property rights. Also you will need to provide passports of both parties, the cadastral passport of object of real estate darimi. If the property is jointly owned by spouses, we will need to provide the consent of a spouse of the donor, which must be notarized for the implementation of this process.
Grant also to the management of the document which confirms the ownership right of the grantor on the property, a certificate from the BTI, which must be specified by the inventory rating of the dwelling. Prepare information on the composition of registered persons in the room. If someone is living there, incapacitated or has not reached the age of majority must provide consent from a guardian.
In that case, if the donor and the donee are members of the same family or extended family, there is no need to pay gift tax. If both parties are not relatives or distant relatives, the tax on the object of the gift to be 13% of its value. In this case, it is best to execute a contract of sale.