The best time for pike spinning in spring and autumn, as in summer, this fish exhibits the lowest activity, and occurs in those places where the cool water. In winter, the pike goes away to places with warm for that have to search long, but for the experienced fishermen it's not a problem.
If you decide to catch pike using spinning, in this case you should choose one of the following lures: wobblers, spinner, live bait or jig. It is also important to choose the best place for fishing, which will depend on what kind of tackle to choose from. Pike lives usually at depths of up to five meters, in thickets of grass and under the driftwood, so you should calculate depth of bombarding your bait.
Do casting baits as close as possible to water plants, as in algae pike hides and hunts. Pike that lives in rivers most energetic than the lake, so the wiring spinning in the river should be intensifying, rather than in stagnant water. For pike should be lightweight spinning rod with medium or slow systems, then you will be able to subdue a sudden movement of the fish and will avoid it vanishing off the hook.
Use the fishing line to 0.4 millimeters, the pike didn't bite it, be sure to attach the leash. In shallow water it is desirable to use small bait, a spinner may be rotational or vibrational, of different colors and length not more than five centimeters. Wobbler select neutral is floating, it can be any color, length 5-6 cm. Also, use bait which follows the movement of sick or wounded fish.
The best time for pike fishing is from March to June and from late August until early December. At this time, the pike is experiencing severe feed and therefore less vigilant. During this period in the right place you have many chances for a good catch. Do not try to catch pike on the same place for more than 20 minutes.
Have enough large pike to the resistance built on the strength. Pike weighing up to two pounds trying to do jumps in the air, larger items do not jump out of the river. Big fish resists with great tenacity. After she takes the spoon, pike continues to work hard to stay in the deep, to raise up it is possible only after a long, but very interesting fight. Take a large pike with the help of a landing net or gaff.