If in the pond in shallow water scurry of small fish shoals, it can be wound edge shirts or dresses on two sticks so as to obtain the recess, to bring this homemade dip net under a flock and to raise the design. Some fish will get caught.
Homemade fishing rod will allow you to catch bigger fish. Under the rod any suitable elastic thread. As the fishing line can take lace. They need to dissolve into individual strands and tie a thin pigtail. If no laces, threads will come of backpack straps or clothing.
Hook is more complicated. Well, if there is a pin or wire, of them to make a homemade fishing hook is not difficult. You can make hooks from the metal loops wear or of thorny plants, such as acacia, fit and sharp twig tree. After the first caught fish, her bones to dry better and also to make them hooks.
On the float you can put a bird feather or a piece of tree bark. Instead of sinkers used a small stone, chosen so that the float did not sink, and always full of worms in the forest.
If at hand was a tin, the tin can be cut into strips in the form of fish, bind to them improvised hooks with chunks of meat or fish guts. Such short clips lure fishing line on the flexible reed or pole. 'S bait over the surface of the water at the edge of the thicket, it may interest predatory fish.
If there is an empty plastic bottle of sparkling water, then it will make a great fish trap. Cut the top third of the bottle, cut the throat so that the hole became wider, and slide it the opposite. Put it inside the bait, tie the load and throw it in the water. The fish will swim to the smell of bait in the small hole, and back the way will not find. It remains only to collect the catch.