To dream of live fish

Fish splashing in the clear water – you will have a nice event planned will be realized. This dream promises a speedy joyful changes in your life. For girls, the dream signifies meet his fate, married women windfall profits, the addition to the family. Male career success, resolution of long-standing dispute, the promotion.

To dream about fish in muddy, dirty water – a sign of uncertainty. Perhaps behind your back weave walk and gossip.

Dead fish

This dream does not portend anything good. You expect loss and grief and possible health problems.

To dream of fishing

If you see someone fishing, then you expect pleasant news. A good catch in the dream promises big profits. If the fishermen are unable to catch anything, then all of your efforts and hope will be in vain.

To catch a dream fish

You dream you caught a big fish – a very good sign. The more you catch, the more successful will develop your near future. If you dream you catch or dead small fish, it is a good think about your life. You do not need to count on someone's help, it's time to act independently.

When a fish dreams pregnant

It is considered that for a woman to dream of fish means impending pregnancy, but only fish have to be playful, beautiful and healthy. If a woman dreamt in the dream, she eats a tasty cooked fish dish, then this dream can also indicate the completion of the family. The fish spawn – the imminent birth of the child. However, tasteless, rotten fish odor in a dream foretells a lot of trouble. If you have health problems you should immediately contact your doctor.

In a dream you lay a snare for catching fish

You are on the right track and will succeed. If your network is full of holes and dirty, it is time to abandon you.

Goldfish in the aquarium

To dream of an aquarium with fish is a very favorable dream. In your life there comes a period of calm and harmony.

Fabulous fish

If you saw in a dream a fish that does not exist in reality, it means that you want to cheat and take advantage of your trust.

You had a huge fish: a whale or a Dolphin

This dream foretells important events in your life. You stand on the threshold of enormous change. The content of the dream will prompt, in what direction will change your destiny in the near future.

In the dream, you are on the fish

This dream means soon recovery. If one of your loved ones are ill or have to undergo surgery, the possibility of a successful outcome. You caught a fish, but it slipped from his hands or off the hook – an unexpected loss, disappointment.