Inflammation, sciatica, represents the defeat of roots of the lumbosacral spine. It is manifested in the form of aches and numbness. Sciatica is one of the many manifestations of sciatica (lesion of the spinal nerve roots). Often it should be tested for the presence of a herniated disc, for the cases of their pairwise occurrence is very frequent. Causes of sciatica are the following: hypothermia, spine disease, inflammation of the joints, injuries, state changes of the intervertebral disc, diabetes mellitus, physical stress, infection and so forth.

The easiest to identify whether the symptoms indicated by the patient do symptoms of sciatica, directly to the doctor, which can check the symptoms and rose's symptom, conduct lab tests of spinal fluid and x-rays.

To treat sciatic nerve must be extremely complex methods. Prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory, and sedative drugs. Indirect elimination of pain in the sciatic nerve provides courses of vitamins and physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, remedial exercises and massages. With increased pain prescribe procaine blockade with the addition of vitamin B12 and corticosteroids. Locally it is also possible to cure the sciatic nerve using alcohol tinctures and warming, analgesic creams and ointments. In particularly severe cases, the doctors take a risk and use surgical treatment but it is not always effective. It is important to remember that we must not only treat the disease itself, but also to find out and eliminate its causes.