Causes of pinched

Effective treatment for pinched sciatic nerve will help to alleviate the unpleasant sensations that prevent an active lifestyle. Usually, the causes can be diseases (in particular hernia of different parts of the spine, increased load on the musculoskeletal system, the development of infectious diseases of the pelvic region, the hypothermia, the appearance of tumors, diabetes, and others. Also often there is a pinched sciatic nerve during pregnancy, due to the increase in the size of the fetus, which puts pressure on the walls of the internal organs.

When pressure on the sciatic nerve discomfort, which often from the back transferred to the lower limbs of women. With the constant movement of the fetus in the womb painful symptoms more often. In this case, special treatment of sciatic nerve pinching is not required, since the disease most often going away after the birth. You only need to ensure peace and reduce the mobility of the organism in the acute stage of the disease, as it can affect other parts of the body.

How to treat a pinched

Treatment pinched sciatic nerve involves complex activities that not only reduce pain but also to get rid of the causes of disease. In severe pain it is advisable to use pain medications of local action. Experienced professionals prescribe the blockade inflamed area. In the initial form of the disease an effective exercise, with the pinching of the sciatic nerve by the cause of hernia disease often prescribe surgery. For the treatment of disease using physiotherapy methods. These include magnetic therapy, electrophoresis, imposition of paraffin applications, phonophoresis, massage, and others. Their action is based on raising the temperature of a certain area of the body, thereby improving blood circulation and remove swelling.

Prevention of pinching

For the prevention and relief of pain it is recommended to perform a series of simple exercises. For example, the activity "cat": get on all fours and to arch your back. The second exercise is a slow squat, which will allow you to maintain tonus in the leg muscles. The third exercise: "Bicycle", which is familiar to everyone since childhood. In any case do not overload the body with physical activity. You can also enjoy swimming and leisurely walks in the fresh air. This will quickly get rid of the pain. But any means and procedures should be started only after inspection and the advice of a doctor that will allow avoiding negative consequences of self-treatment.