What is the danger of pinching

When the pinched lumbar nerve damage occurs of spine, from the neck down. The character of the pain in each case. But the common symptoms are:
- muscle weakness;
- lower back pain;
local immobility;
- reduction activity.

If you do not start treatment, a pinched gradually leads to neuropathy, which affects the spinal nerves.

Folk remedy to pinched lumbar nerve

Various methods of treatment of the disease should begin with eliminating the cause. When gently pinched, it is sufficient to have a course of physiotherapy, in the other case requires operative intervention. Effective treatment prescribed by an experienced specialist, but significantly improve the condition can at home using traditional medicines.

For pain prepare a tincture of Bay leaf. To do this, pour 2 tbsp dried or fresh leaves Cup of vodka and leave in a dark place for 2-3 days. Regular rubbing of the waist, there is a rapid recovery of joint mobility.

As treatment pinched lumbar nerve used "pancake" compress. Mix a Cup of honey with a Cup of flour and knead the bread. Apply it on the lower back before bed and secure with warm scarf. In the morning remove the wrap and remove the "pancake" with warm water.

You can RUB the affected areas of the body salve of pine gum or take a warm bath with the addition of coniferous broth.
Extracts of celery it is advisable to apply a compress to the affected area.

For internal recovery of the body, it is advisable to take the juice of fresh celery before each meal 1-2 tbsp.
Help therapeutic baths with infusion of calamus root, oak bark, horse chestnut.

A fairly simple recipe for the treatment of pinch - rubbing the sore spot fir oil or tincture of Valerian. To enhance the effect, you must wrap the lumbar warm scarf to warm up the spine.

For quick recovery function of the spine prepare a solution of 10 tablets analgin, bottle of iodine and a glass of alcohol. The resulting tool infuse for 3 days, then use to coat the lesions. The next day there is visible improvement, and pain subside.