Before each training exercise in preparation for its main part. Exercise 1:
Accept the position of half squat. Jump up, straightening the whole body, reach arms up.Exercise 2:
Bounce and grouprules – try to press the knees to the shoulders.
Stand up, not lifting your feet off the floor. Raise your hands above your head.
Bend feet in knees. Do not bend them too much, the main thing – to be able to push well in this position. Bent legs will be sufficient. Put your hands down a little bit take them back to the wipe. Always help yourself with the hands when you push.
Go up on tiptoes. Strongly push off from the floor with their feet, hands make a sharp swing. After you pushed the head lift up and pull back.
Once you push off and do a Mach with your hands, stretch it as high as possible. But don't overdo it – you might get just the high jump.
As soon as you pushed start to group together and do the twist ago. When performing a somersault, the head is constantly keep in the same position – curled back. Do not press the chin to the knees, because of this the speed of your flight drops, you will tighten the flip and could fall and get injured. When performing a pirouette, you are unlikely to break his neck, but to fall on his head and get a concussion is quite possible.
In that moment, when your body will be parallel to the floor, start Ungroup.
To land properly, slightly bend your knees. Land on your toes. If you will not bend the legs, you almost certainly will get a knee injury, if not break a leg. If you land not on your socks, you may damage your feet or ankle joints.
And remember, the main thing – training. Don't forget that first time when training have to use mats or a trampoline.