You will need
  • - a Mat or blanket (for insurance).
If you've never played sports, you will find it difficult to cope with the task. To learn how to do flips, you should be able to control your body and have well-developed motor coordination. If the data quality is not given by nature, will have to work hard on yourself and develop them.
To start, mash thoroughly, shake hands and feet. Then try to make an ordinary roll forward: feet should be together, hands in front of him, head slightly retighten and kuvyrknutsja. Perhaps, the first attempt does not work perfectly, so you need to practice a lot to control your body and feel the full force of the muscles. Repeat ten to fifteen rolls.
Lay on the floor mats (if available) or a blanket. Main thing is to believe in yourself and, of course, insurance. To perform a front flip from a running start, before direct push with both feet raise your hands. At the time of push hands go down, you twist. In flight, try as best you can to regroup and pull your knees to your shoulders. Tuck tuck your chin to your chest, keep your knees - so you will avoid injury to the person's knees during a landing.
Back flip from the wall is performed with a running start. Running to the wall, put on the surface of the foot and just lean back. Take the thigh up, the body should adopt a perpendicular position (relative to wall). Immediately place the second leg (near the first leg) and take a small step from the wall. A good twist to make a powerful swing hands back.
At run time, flip back necessarily reject the head back - this contributes to the good promotion. If you do not reject the head or not enough to reject, you can fall into the neck. Land on slightly bent legs, so as not to damage the knee joints. Do not slow down during the execution of the somersault, develop momentum with a running start.