Advice 1: How to teach your kitten to the tray

With the advent of a furry lump with claws the first thing that bothers owners is the toilet and how accustomed to it?. All kids tend to be silly and therefore quite normal, if a kitten the first time will not understand what exactly they want from him compassionate owners. Accordingly, it may take more time than expected to explain to him what was happening. If you follow certain rules, this will not only facilitate training process, but will accustom the kitten to the tray the first time.
How to teach your kitten to the tray
You will need
  • - litter box (tray)
  • - cat litter
The size of the pan should match the size of the kitten, i.e. to be not large and not high. Nothing should prevent "an important lesson". A tray should appear at the same time as the kitten, but not later.
The location should be convenient for the owners and for the kitten. Ideal is a quiet place where privacy will be respected.
The cat litter eliminates odour and at the same time not fooled slim cat's scent.
Once in the new environment, the kitten will start to master, and a task master to explain to him where the food area and where the area of toilet. The first time you can put the kitten in the tray and with his paw to make a raking motion, as though something buried, then see the reaction, and repeat. In most cases this is enough.
If the kitten successfully went, as expected, is to pet him with praise. Despite the apparent lack of understanding of intonation is to Express approval, which feel very good animals.
If the "first time" was past, should be patient and watch the kitten, and sometimes to watch, not to miss the intention to go, where not to be.
If the moment was missed and the toilet seat was any angle, you need the paper to get wet droppings and put them in the pan for flavor. At the same time again put the kitten in the tray and his paw again row. Place the "random closet" you need to thoroughly wash and treat with a strong smelling detergent, and ideally to get him something.
Unwillingness to walk in the tray can testify to its unfortunate location, which should change. Perhaps this finally will help to accustom the kitten to the tray and other educational measures are no longer needed.
If the animal easily finds a bowl for food and food goes in the same place, meaning it is capable of accurately find and remember the toilet. If not, then the omission only of the owner....

Advice 2: How to teach a kitten to walk in the tray

Kids need to be taught everything, not an exception, and kittens that do not know where they need to go to the toilet. A few better things to podbroshennye animals that lived with mom a little longer than their counterparts. All children learn from adults, observing the behavior and habits of moms, the kids are doing everything is similar to her actions. But do not worry, if you saw a small puddle on the carpet, the kitten can be trained to go to the toilet.
How to teach a kitten to walk in the tray
Buy the tray and kitty litter. Can replace the filler torn paper. Further, when the kitten learns to walk in the tray, make sure there was always dry. Cats are clean animals and a dirty tray will not go, and the smell in the apartment due to a rare of change of litter will not be pleasant.
If you notice that the kitten fusses and looks for a secluded area, take it in the tray and strictly explain that going to the toilet need to be here and nowhere else. The view that animals do not understand people wrongly. In fact, they easily catch the intonation and meaning. If you nabludaet for the baby and often to talk to him, you will see this repeatedly.
When the incident already happened and nothing you can't fix, a little scold furry dirty dog and re-send it to the tray. Some people recommend to stick his nose in the place where occurred the accident, but it is wrong. Max, what you need to do is just to show what he had done and where the next time you need to go to the toilet.
Periodically drive a kitten on a tour to get acquainted with pan, whenever possible, remind your kid where he needs to do his business. Well, the carpets will have the first time to clean, because nothing can be done. Some kittens catch what is required of them, the first time and no problem.
Useful advice
Never scold a kitten too much, that he did not understand faster, you. Be gentle, but at the same time strict.
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