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  • Moving into a new house entails a sharp change in the entire environment that really affects the health of the child, bringing him to a state of stress. It is an elementary scared. The world of the cat is, above all, the world of smells, and here – to change everything, the whole "heart of the universe" a little creature. Under these conditions, the kittens fear hiding in secluded places, refuse to eat, sometimes even start to shake. To get rid of the fear, surround yourself with his peace and to protect him cat begin to explore the territory, mark it as his own, using a different label, the main of which is to leave the smell of their urine. What can one do to help a little creature in this situation?
It is clear that you really want to get moving, "infants" and become his "mother." But think about it, but not me "beloved". The kittens are very attached to their family – brothers-sisters, to my mother, which most likely feeds them with her milk. You take away his "happy childhood" and never replace him with the world. 2.5 – 3 months kittens are already get older and begin to reach for the man – it is the most favourable age for the move. I sometimes say, "we took the little kittens out of the basement and they felt we" - Yes, but this kittens from the street, you took them from the terrible world of hunger, cold, fleas. But, buying a kitten (at least in our kennel), you take him from the world of love and happiness. Remember that move for the baby – a lot of stress, which can lead to bad habits and even illness.
Often future owners don't feel the need to buy cat litter, preferring to use the trays with the arrays. But by nature any cat likes to arrange his toilet on something soft and absorbent. Therefore, it is better to take this natural tendency and to pour into the tray for the kitten something resembling the structure of the sand.

Right after the kitten eats, put it in a tray and gently Pat on the belly from the chest. The fact is that kittens need to go to the toilet occurs immediately after meals and massage of the belly remind him of a cat-mother, who in a similar way to lick it after a meal stimulating the reflex emptying of the bowel.
But if the kitten began to write not in the tray to different places, you should not punish him for his reaction to stress is to slap or poke the muzzle in a puddle. This way you will only aggravate the situation and develop a negative attitude to the tray. Wet paper towel in a puddle, take the tray, take it over there and the baby put in front of sweet-smelling cloth, Pat him on the head and delve his paw in the litter. It is likely to have to do more than once.

If the kitten aiming an apartment their "opisami" - try to direct the house clean, to remove these marks as soon as possible. Moreover, use of this tool that removes the fundamental principle of the smell, not mask it. The odor of the cat label is a result of the activity of certain bacteria that produce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Therefore can be destroyed only by acting on the bacteria, it is better not to simply use preparations containing active chlorine, because the chlorine will only strengthen the smell of urine. Special tools specifically designed for cats, now in large quantity are sold at any pet store.