Spa treatment based on natural factor of the area in which the sanatorium is located. It can be mud, sapropel, mineral waters, thermal springs. Even the climate can be therapeutic.
As mentioned, before you purchase vouchers to the sanatorium must be examined. To do this you go to your local clinic, take the voucher to the therapist who prescribes you the directions for tests and to specialists. The physician on the basis of tests, determines which Spa treatment is right for you. You then choose a sanatoriumwhere you can treat your condition and buy the ticket either at a travel Agency, or at the Spa. To take care of the purchase of tickets and booking of tickets is better to think in advance.
You are issued a resort card, which must be with you upon arrival in the sanatorium. If such a survey you will not, then you first, will lose a few precious days for examination in the sanatorium. Secondly, it may happen that the physician of the sanatorium will not allow you to treat the contraindications which has each natural factor. Of the sanatorium you will not drive, but it will be just a pleasant pastime, nothing more.
Now about the actual Spa area. Traditionally, Russia has developed 4 main areas of the resort-sanatorium treatment: Stavropol, South Ural, Krasnodar and Altai. Stavropol is the center of balneotherapy of Russia. In addition to the mineral waters in the Stavropol region there is a healing mud. Even the air there is prescribed as a therapeutic procedure. In Bashkiria there are numerous children's health resorts in the Chelyabinsk region developed sapropel treatment, Altai treated sulphide-silt mud and mineral waters.
In conclusion, recall that buying a ticket to a sanatorium, you can save the expense deducted from your salary income tax, because the treatment in special medical institutions shall be tax-deductible. To do this in the beginning of the next reporting period (next year), you submit a Declaration of income, in which state their treatment costs. After verification, the tax Inspectorate sends you the refund with specified amount at the rate of 13%.