Design modern web pages in most cases involves an automatic update, meaning you do not need to manually refresh the page. However, when low-speed connection refresh the page to freeze and then you have to use browser functions.
To perform the update page, notice the top row of the navigation tools Opera "address Bar". There will be a few icons: the left arrow (previous page), right arrow (next page) and curved arrow (update). You need the latest. Click on it and will update. When, instead of the curved arrow shows the cross that means the page is still loading. If you click on it, loading page items stops and you will see an icon in the form of a rounded arrow.
The Refresh Button
Perhaps the display of navigation tools is not configured in your browser. To display click on the logo of the browser in the upper left corner. In the context menu log to the tab "Toolbar". In the list, check the box next to "address Bar".
The update page can also be produced by pressing hot keys or key combinations. To stop the page from loading, press Esc. To refresh the page press F5. This button is used by default in almost all browsers and operating system to update Windows. Alternatively, you can use the key combination Ctrl + R.
If you have difficulty, click help or F1, proceed from the browser's context menu in the item "help". Opera will automatically direct you to the technical support where you can ask your question or report an error. Sign up in the community browser users and share information.
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