Opera browser is one of the leaders of speed networking. But to make it even faster can't hurt, right? This can be achieved with a few simple techniques.

If both of the programs you have open just Opera, you can increase the speed by increasing the priority of a process. To do this, by simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del, open task Manager. Open the Processes tab and find the process opera.exe. Click the right mouse button and from the menu, the priority set to "Above average" or even "High" if you have a powerful computer. Remember that this method may adversely affect the operation of other programs running simultaneously with the browser.
Solid increase in performance you'll get if disable unused plugins. To do this, in the tab "Tools" select "Advanced" and in the opened menu, select "Plugins". You'll get a window installed plugins. Carefully review all plugins and click "Disable", disable your unused add-ons.
Decrease in the history of the number of pages visited. Browser history affects the loading time – each entry has a picture, name and address, upload all this junk is not easy. By default, Opera keeps in memory the last 1000 of visited addresses. To reduce this number in the tab "Tools", select "General settings". Next open the "History" item in the right window install, for example, a value of 100. That you will reduce the startup time of the browser.
The speed boost will also give clearing cookies and history(if there is no stored sensitive data). Cookies are your personal settings for each of the visited sites. When you visit any website, Opera starts looking for personal settings, when a large number of stored cookies this adversely affects performance. Open the tab "Tools" select "Advanced" and in the opened menu, click "Manage cookies". A window will open, in which by pressing the "Remove" clean browser from unnecessary data.

Applying the steps, you will achieve significant speed Opera browser.