You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Save the working configuration of the computer by creating a restore point in case the changes are not the best way impact on his work. Turn the page in the Opera web browser with the help of specially installed in her additional utilities google-translate.
To do this, run a query on the Internet for the name of the program, and then download a file with the extension .js , it weighs a few kilobytes. Unzip the archive, then mandatory check for viruses.
Open a web browser Opera. Open the settings menu, and then open the Additional panel. Select the menu item "Content" and "JavaScript Options" in the window that appears, you should see a link to user files. With the button “Choose” find out the directory in which you need to copy the downloaded file translator utility. Then restart your browser.
Create a button on the quick access to additional functions for this in the address bar javascript:google_translate('en|EN'). On the left the icon, drag the panel using the mouse buttons. To change the language settings button, enter the corresponding brief description of the most frequently used languages sites for later transfer.
If the site you want to translate from English, has the French version, go for it and install it in the quick access toolbar, click translation from French to Russian. It is much easier to transfer from English, since it uses a different word order, and translated text can be even less clear than the original.
You can also use any other language available in the menu of the website for translation, as long as it was available as a strictly defined word order, otherwise, the result will not be the best.