You will need
  • computer;
  • - administrator rights.
Open the Opera browser. In the address bar (where you type website address — for example, type opera:config and press enter on the keyboard. You will be taken to the menu fine-tuning the application. This menu is mainly caused by manually since these settings are listed in the main pane of the browser.
Locate Auto Update (usually second order) and expand this position, for preference items were available. Parameter Auto Update State make equal to zero, if you do disable automatic updates. However, it should be noted that the automatic update was introduced to the program developers to real-time the user could always get the new version of the program. If you disable this feature, you may experience various display problems sites.
In paragraphs Add-ons Check Interval and Update Check Interval sets the interval after which the app will query the server and see if the new updates and additions. Unfortunately, the maximum size of the parameter in just 30 days, and you specify it in seconds. Set the value to 2 592 000 seconds in both paragraphs, which is equal to 30 days.
Save the changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom of this section. Opera confirms that all program changes are fully saved. It is also worth noting that this software will warn you that changing some settings requires restarting the application. Other options of this item and other configuration items are available in the using Mozilla the link You can call up the help page by clicking Help at the top of the page settings.