You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • pencil;
  • - a model or a picture of her.
Someone who has never tried their hand at the art of the portrait, it is better to start with pictures. Carefully consider the person that you are going to draw. Determine what geometric shape is more reminiscent of a face. It can be oval, round, triangular or rectangular. Of course, in the figure, as in the outline of the face will not be sharp corners. The similarity with a given geometric figure is mainly determined by the ratio of the size — width and height of the forehead, chin, etc.
Draw a vertical line approximately in the middle of the sheet. Look at the pose of your model. She can stand, looking straight ahead. Head can be tilted back, tilted forward, right or left. Determine approximately the angle of the head relative to the vertical guide and the centerline of the face.
Draw a vertical and centerline
Divide the centerline into 7 approximately equal parts. There are some deviations. It depends on the individual person. On the second from the bottom cut back the left and right equal distances. Pre-determine the approximate ratio of the height and width of the face in its lower part. Likewise, back at the same distance in both directions from the axis at the level of the third from the top mark.
Sketch the General contour of the face. At this stage you can draw a line and identify the position of the nose, lips and eyes. The middle of the nose falls on the third from the top mark, the tip of the nose — on the fourth. Lips are located between the first and second marks on the bottom. Set points of the external and internal edges of the eyes, corners of the lips, position of the wings of the nose.
Sketch the General contour of the face of the girl
Look carefully to the eyes of your model. The eyelids can be positioned differently. The bottom line is flatter than the top. Girls with Mongoloid type of face lower eyelid can be arched upwards. Draw on surrounding points of the face elements.
Draw the folds of clothing and jewelry
Remove the excess lines. Sketch add — on- neck, the folds of clothing, jewelry. Look at the facial expressions. Even on a very young face have wrinkles and folds. Their location and depth depends largely on my mood. For example, the smiling girl on the face — deep creases between the corners of the lips and nose.
Finish the portrait, adding all the lines
Precise lines. Draw hair in the direction of their growth. Make a slightly brighter eyes and lips. Have a smile visible teeth. In a circular motion, draw the irises of the eyes.