You will need
  • good heavy paper
  • - pencils of different thickness and different hardness
  • special paper feather
  • - soft eraser
Hand-draw free linear outline slim solid pencil, and wipe off all the excess with a soft eraser.
Mechanical soft pencil (3B) with a core thickness of 0.5 mm. start to apply the strokes that represent the darkening of the hair. Follow the direction of hair growth.
Continue stroking the place further. Carefully follow the direction of hair growth and how they lie. Make strokes gently and thoughtfully, to hair like hair, and not on a sheaf of hay.
Continue to apply strokes and darken the right place. Start to lengthen the line to map out the hairstyle.
Now try to style hairstyles. Very carefully obscure areas and keep the glare, the hair looked realistic. In order to hatch it easier, turn the paper.
Now take the feather and walk her by the hair across the hairline. Make sure that the strokes do not overlap, otherwise you just planted the extra dirt.
Sharpen the soft end of the eraser and mark lines in place of glare.
Very soft pencil, draw the dark areas. Stahujte individual hairs, giving the hairstyle of personality.
Begin to draw the eye. First, draw the iris, then add the cilia. Mark strokes the volume of the face. Face it, correctly applying the light and shadow.
Now we will work on the skin tones. First, stroke the skin lightly, observing the volume, dimming the right place. Lips leave is not shaded.
More thoroughly work through the dark places, treat the skin with a feather. Now move on to lips. Carefully draw all the small details, folds, etc.
Draw the neck, clothes and background, if any. Now your portrait is ready.