This receipt is submitted to the accounting Department and confirms the purchase to a certain amount. You will be reimbursed the expenses you pay your own money, but for business purposes. When filling out the sales receipt should contain the following information:

- product name;
- its price;
- the number;
- the amount paid;
- the date of sale;
- the check number;
- the name of the seller (store);
- signature of the person directly sold the product;
When filling out the sales receipt is not used generalizations, each item should be separately disclosed: "soap — 1 PC. at a price of 15 $ /PCs, toilet paper — 3 PCs for the price of 10 p/piece".
In the absence of print on the bill of sale was specified, the organization name and signature of the seller. Modern cash registers issue receipts with complete information: date, price and name of the product. But even in this case, ask to write you a receipt or stamp on the cash document.
When buying goods from a organization or individual entrepreneur, working without a cash register, you also have the right to receive the purchase receipt. The information contained in it must be more extensive:

- the name, serial number and date of issuance of the document;
- name of organization or full name of individual entrepreneur;
- taxpayer identification number;
- name of goods or services;
- the number;
- the amount to be paid (in rubles);
- name, surname, position of the person issuing the document;
the store name and its address;
- sometimes it takes a bin and passport details of the owner (usually in the absence of registration).